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Karabo wants to be married to Tau and Zola! WTF!

Generations the Legacy has taken Karabo’s self absorption and delusion to a whole other level. This selfish woman called a meeting with her husband and extra marital lover and her uncle to announce her intention to take Zola as her second husband! And then she had the nerve…the nerve, I tell you… to give a

Generations the Legacy Spoilers and Speculation for August 2015

Please note: Generations the Legacy has confirmed that Vuyo Dabula, Gaffafi is leaving the soapie.  The actor has decided to pursue other acting oppportunties. It’s hard to believe Generations hadn’t pinned the actor down to a long term contract. Even though I hate the current storyline, Gadaffi is still one of the best characters on

Last week on Generations the Legacy 24/07/2015

Last week Gadaffi held a comatose Tau hostage with the intention of maiming him.  He even had a doctor there to sever Tau’s spine so he could be paralysed too. But then he had a change of heart.  He decided it would be better let Tau suffer through seeing his family hurt. So he released

Last week on Generations the Legacy 17/07/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Smanga thought he’d pursuaded Namhla to drop the sexual harrassment charges by threatening to expose her family’s criminal present and past and her relationship with Mr Sokhulu. However he got the shock of his life when Cosmo showed up and beat him up, breaking his collar bone. Smanga wasn’t

Tau and Gadaffi – Brothers at war on Generations the Legacy?

I don’t even know what Gadaffi (Vuyo Dabula) is going to do now that he found out that his brother in law, Tau (Rapulana Seiphemo), is responsible for him being in a wheelchair! I fear for poor Tau’s life! Gaddaffi isn’t known for taking things calmly – he acts first and then acts again –

Last week on Generations the Legacy 19/6/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy, Gadaffi got shot during a robbery planned by Tau. You can read about that here. Tau was very concerned for him and was at his brother in law’s side while he was unconscious. When he woke up in hospital, the doctors discovered that Gadaffi had no movement in his legs.

Gadaffi Gets Shot on Generations Legacy

Tau put the last bits of his plans into action to get Gadaffi kind of out of his life. How he thought his ‘brother’ would just let someone take his drugs is beyond me. But his henchman promised that for a cool R500 000 he could get the business done. While Gadaffi was busy concluding

Last Week on Generations the Legacy 12/06/2015

Smanga came into his own last week on Generations the Legacy. He went from all business to all pleasure once Thabi got a hold of him. Read more about how Smanga and Thabi played 50 Shades here. The battle between the non-blood brothers Tau and Kumkani heated up when spoilt brat Angela couldn’t get her way.

Siya, WTF! #generationslegacy

So after a few weeks of trying to get Angela to fall for him, Siya (Kabelo Moalusi) kissed aunty Karabo and admitted having feelings for her. WTF is wrong with that man??? Arghhh are we again having to be subjected to every man in Karabo’s orbit falling for her? No man, Generations Legacy! Just no!

Generations Legacy has Some Talent, hey!

Okay, as I’ve mentioned before, I was not happy with the way things ended with the actors of the old Generations. They deserved every cent they earned and much more. I still hope they get compensated for loss of income. With that said… I’m slowly but surely getting hooked on Generations Legacy and it’s mostly