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7de Laan Goes BEE

On last week’s 7de Laan race raised it’s head for the first time on the Laan. Since the start of the soapie, characters of the various races lived, played and worked side by side, without showing any romantic interest across the colour line. Things changed in the last two weeks with the introduction of the

Ilse Klink on 7de Laan

So last night the ‘famous’ singer Natasha made her appearance in 7de Laan in the form of actress and singer Ilse Klink. Supposedly reclusive singer Natasha was nothing like I’ve ever seen famous South African singers behave – very full of herself. She looks like she’s going to be nothing but trouble for Felicity and

7de Laan Recap Week 8 May

Generally I watch 7 de laan while working out, so sometimes I miss a lot of stuff happening. Sometimes it helps to miss some things. I’m probably the only person in the entire country who is not a Charmaine fan – that woman and her daughter works on my last nerve with their whinning ways.