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Last week on 7de laan 07/08/2015

Last week we saw Vivian’s reign of terror cut short on 7de laan when Charmaine escaped from her crazy twin sister’s clutches. Vivian looked like she was unravelling fast, however Neville followed her and found her holding Charmaine captive.   All good things must come to an end though. Charmaine was rescued and reunited with her family

Last Week on 7de laan 24/07/2015

Last week on 7de laan Charmaine picked fights with a few of the Hillside residents. You can read all about it here.  The family wondered whether Charmaine was drinking again, but came to the conclusion that something else is going on.  Vanessa suggested a visit to the doctor should be the next step for Charmaine.  Try

Charmaine on 7de laan

Charmaine is losing it big time on 7de laan. Charmaine was strutting around Hillside, all Dr Phil – telling it like it is  -to almost everyone who crossed her path. The week started with Charmaine insulting Hilda’s food. Even Matrone was shocked. Matrone went to Xander to let him know that something is wrong with

Ding, Dong! Gita is back in #7delaan

My heart sank when Vince walked into the Deli on Thursday night’s episode of 7de laan. I haven’t been watching for weeks and then this! Just as I was going for the remote he received a phone call. From Gita! Gita was calling from an airport in Argentina and wanted to know if anyone had

The Cat and Mouse Game Between Gita, Ty and Antoinette on #7delaan2

Good heavens! This little cat and mouse game between Gita, Ty and Antoinette is getting very, very interesting. Is there anyone out there who actually knows how this will end? Because you think you know and then…something else happens to make you wonder. What we know for sure is this: all three are devious liars

Antoinette! WTF #7delaan

The other day during the hostage drama Antoinette pitched up at the travel agency and watched from behind the wall how Ty and Gita were working together to help the police find a way to release the hostages. Her reaction was a bit strange because the two were for once trying to do something that

Danelle Dies and #7delaan Moves On

It’s the day after the hostage drama in 7de laan and the police forensics people were in Oppiekoffie taking evidence. Danelle’s body was removed from the scene with just a few people looking on. Only Maria cried. Felicity, Herman and Nadia looked sad. Kim is obviously not one to show her emotions publicly so that