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Can Justin Really be De Wet’s biological Son? #7deLaan

So recently 7de Laan hit us and Justin with the bombshell that De Wet Basson aka Ben Cronje, Sandra Stutterheim’s former henchman, is his biological father. I seriously loved the reveal and laughed with delight. Not so much the fact that Justin is now all of a sudden De Wet’s biological son, but just the

Charmaine on 7de laan

Charmaine is losing it big time on 7de laan. Charmaine was strutting around Hillside, all Dr Phil – telling it like it is  -to almost everyone who crossed her path. The week started with Charmaine insulting Hilda’s food. Even Matrone was shocked. Matrone went to Xander to let him know that something is wrong with

Danelle Dies and #7delaan Moves On

It’s the day after the hostage drama in 7de laan and the police forensics people were in Oppiekoffie taking evidence. Danelle’s body was removed from the scene with just a few people looking on. Only Maria cried. Felicity, Herman and Nadia looked sad. Kim is obviously not one to show her emotions publicly so that

7de laan Spoilers Discussion for February 2015

Things look to be hotting up according to 7de laan spoilers for February 2015.  The Laan will be dripping with drama beyond the usual Paula and Altus marriage nonsense and Vince’s paternity mood swings. (By the way, I wonder if Vince ever thinks  of his own son who must be around 6 years old by

My 7 Wishes for 7de Laan for 2015

For my final 7de laan post for 2014 I thought it was time for my 7 wishes for 7 de laan for 2015 blog post. If you want to see if my wishes for last year came true, look here . Thank you to everyone who read and those who commented and tweeted during this year. Have a  safe

7de laan Spoilers December 2014 – Emma’s Verdict is in!

December is traditionally a month of parties in the Laan what with it being  Christmas and New Year’s Eve and all that. The holidays are not going to be an equally happy occassion for all in 7de Laan. Emma The moment of truth arrives for Emma on December 11th. Looks like prison is in Emma’s

Vince and Neville and Paula, Altus and Kristin 7de laan Recap

This past week on 7de laan was hectic what with Kristin and Altus kissing and Vince finding out about his paternity. And here I thought it was going to be a quiet month. Nothing of the sort. Altus, Kristin and Paula After the shock of Altus kissing Kristin in a fit of jealousy on Wednesday,

7de Laan October 2014 Spoilers Discussion

According to 7de Laan Spoilers for October 2014, it’s drama all the way in the Laan. Not that that’s good news to me. I prefer more character stories than the all out drama plots, but hey, I have a remote control and not afraid to change the channel. But here’s what’s about to go down

7de laan’s Vince Gets Married

7de Laan’s Jacques Blignaut (29) who plays Vince got married recently to his varsity sweetheart, Melanie (27). The two met while at Wits University 9 years ago, but split up when Melanie went to work in the Far East. They reconnected early last year when both attended a church service. Full story is in this