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7de Laan: Is Annelie and Pieter Getting Married?

Click link to read about Annelie and Pieter’s wedding. Looks like Annelie and Pieter are getting married much sooner than we would’ve thought.  Or some would say it’s by time! They’ve been in love for a few years now, although the path was not smooth. What with first Pieter going off to art school in

7de Laan’s Altus Gets Married

This week’s You magazine has a cover that includes the wedding of 7de Laan’s Altus, otherwise known as Heino Schmidt and his new wife BeauAnn. The couple recently got married in Cradock where BeauAnn’s family have a merino farm. Heino and BeauAnn met in Cape Town when both were modelling – she part-time during school