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Does Emile look like Kristin or what? #7delaan? 😉

So I was wondering who Emile looked like on 7De Laan the other day after Connie dressed him in drag. (Please don’t get me started on Connie who just needs to receive treatment – off-screen – in a clinic for a month or six!) He reminded me of Kristin!. Remember her? Part of the reason

Felicity and Willem Kiss (Again!) on 7de laan

As with the previous kiss, I was taken by surprise when Willem once again kissed Felicity on 7de Laan. Although definitely noted the chemistry between those two. Besides the kiss, it was a dramatic night for Felicity. She spent the night at Vanessa and Xander’s place after nearly setting The Heights on fire. And accidentally

7de laan Casting News

06/11/2020 7de laan announced two new characters on their Instagram page, “Beàta Bena Green,” Kim of Arendsvlei, “will portray Shady, Bonita’s vivacious niece and Rubin Wissing will play Ludo- the charming ladies’ man.” They’re due on our screens from 9 November. It’s going to be interesting to see Bonita’s family in the Laan. Welcome to

Felicity and Willem kiss on 7de Laan

Oh my hat! I didn’t see that kiss between Felicity and Willem coming tonight on 7de Laan. It looked like it was going to be another episode of Willem trying to convince Felicity to do who knows what. Because there’s no way he can expect Felicity to leave her husband to set up home with

Last week on 7de laan 07/08/2015

Last week we saw Vivian’s reign of terror cut short on 7de laan when Charmaine escaped from her crazy twin sister’s clutches. Vivian looked like she was unravelling fast, however Neville followed her and found her holding Charmaine captive.   All good things must come to an end though. Charmaine was rescued and reunited with her family

Last Week on 7de laan 24/07/2015

Last week on 7de laan Charmaine picked fights with a few of the Hillside residents. You can read all about it here.  The family wondered whether Charmaine was drinking again, but came to the conclusion that something else is going on.  Vanessa suggested a visit to the doctor should be the next step for Charmaine.  Try

7de laan spoilers and speculation – August 2015 (Updated)

The newest spoilers  added on 14 August are marked (new). If you wondering how long before they discover Charmaine locked up or what will happen with Charmaine and her crazy twin sister Vivian, look no further… Charmaine is rescued by Neville around 4 August (TV Plus, 5 August) after he gets suspicious and follows Vivian to

Last Week on 7de laan 12/06/2015

Last week on 7de laan Kim saw two opportunities to take a bit of revenge on Willem. Read how she went about it here. I haven’t enjoyed watching Kim as much since her first few months in Hillside. Corne Crous  (Kim) was good compared to the last few years when all she had to do was

Kim takes Revenge on Willem on 7de laan

After Willem dumped Kim, she told Pulane she would get back at him. And did she ever! She walked into Oppiekoffie and saw Willem flirting in with another girl. As luck would have it, Sonja was sitting outside with baby Wian. So Kim asked to borrow the baby. She pretended the baby was hers and

Diederik catches Kim and Willem on 7de laan

Kim and Willem’s sneaking around at work finally caught up to them when Diederik walked in on the two colleagues kissing in T&T.     The previous evening at the Bruynwaves relaunch Kim had disappeared and Diederik did not notice.  Which should tell us something about those two.  Vanessa and Sifiso noticed though. Diederik also