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Charmaine on 7de laan

Charmaine is losing it big time on 7de laan. Charmaine was strutting around Hillside, all Dr Phil – telling it like it is  -to almost everyone who crossed her path. The week started with Charmaine insulting Hilda’s food. Even Matrone was shocked. Matrone went to Xander to let him know that something is wrong with

The 7de laan Hostage Drama – Day 1

It was almost a half hour of high all action in 7de laan with robbers holding the Oppie Koffie staff and customers hostage! They made everyone get down on the floor then took all their cellphones. Errol tried to be clever by withholding his cell phone but the robbers were not falling for his story.

7de Laan: Please Someone, Jail Vanessa!

I’ve been giving 7de Laan a break because of that damn Vanessa being on every single day! The stupid woman has been constantly having fights with her husband Xander. When he decided to leave, it came as no surprise as the two hardly had a moment of peace since they married. I don’t want to

7de Laan Cast News: Bertha le Roux Wahl Pregnant

I read some interesting 7de Laan snippets in the 4 Feb 2010 issue of You magazine. Firstly Bertha le Roux who plays Emma is 20 weeks pregnant! She is expecting their second child in June. It will be interesting to see how Bertha’s pregnancy will affect Emma. Will they make her pregnant with Dawid Greeff’s