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What Paula on #7delaan can learn from Priya on #Isidingo

Paula has been handling her cheating husband Altus in a totally different way to how Priya is dealing with the breakdown of her marriage to Rajesh. Paula and Priya look to be around the same age. About 36 years old. They are both attractive, know how to get themselves heard, and both had their husbands

Isidingo: Rajesh and Zak – Is it love or is it over?

On Isidingo, Rajesh and Zak started off so well – as well as any soapie affair can start off, I guess.  Rajesh’s reasoning for wanting to be with Zak seemed so rational.  He wanted a large family and Priya didn’t want anymore children.  However Zak did. Rajesh was always the one getting the short end