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Last week on Isidingo 04/09/2015

Last week on Isidingo Pastor Gabriel gave the Zondiles R10000 for all they have done for the church. Mainly it was just to keep them on his side while he connives with Barker Hayes and Nina Zamdela. Zukisa was all for accepting the money,  but Sizwe stood firm.  As the man of the house his

Pastor Gabriel and Zukiswa Kiss on Isidingo

OMW! This has to go down as one of the most uncomfortable kisses I’ve seen on soapies in a long time, if not EVER.  And usually I like two unlikely characters to get together.  But seeing Pastor Gabriel kissing Zukiswa was almost like seeing a Rottweiler sniffing around a Chichauhau. You want to look away!

Last week on Isidingo 07/08/2015

Last week Calvin signed the papers to get his father, Frank’s, body released for cremation. On the day he wanted to leave Samantha asked him to be a part of a tribute show for Frank.  A few clips of the newsman’s past history as a tv reporter was shown and then someone named Jim Jacobs

Last week on Isidingo 31/07/2015

Last week was an emotional week for a few of the characters on Isidingo when Dr Beth told Calvin that the ICU needed Frank’s bed in the hospital.  He either had to switch off the ventilating machine or move him upstairs to a care facility – as Frank was brain dead. Calvin was at first

Last week on Isidingo 24/07/2015

Last week on Isidingo Pastor Gabriel told Sizwe he would get Zukiswa’s expensive necklace back from Mme Zamdela. Sizwe had unsuccessfully tried to get the necklace back himself. Pastor Gabriel promised Sizwe that he would get the necklace back. So he tried persuasion and some charm, but the lady wasn’t about to budge so easily.

Lerato Moves in with Sechaba #isidingo

Sechaba and Lerato separately admitted their love for each other to Skhumbuzo yet they still can’t get it together. Both of them hurt each other and now the trust is gone. Everyone knows they just need a push in the right direction or intervention from a fairy godmother then they will get back together. An