#ThrowBackThursday When Connie was in 7de laan and dating Altus [video]

I found this video on YouTube of Connie clips put together.  It shows when Connie dated Bart and Altus! Altus was so young and silly.

And by the looks of things Emma kissed Bart because it caused Connie to freak out.

I couldn’t remember any of these things. But it was such fun seeing how young everyone was – even Charmaine. Now it seems Charmaine always looked like she looks now and always wore those same clothes. Emma was soooo young too!

Connie was my favourite character before Paula arrived. Funny how both my favourite 7de laan characters of all time are cousins and were involved with Altus at one time. Although Connie and Bart were the Altus and Paula of those good old days.

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