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Isidingo to end on 12 March 2020

A while ago we’ve heard that cash-strapped SABC decided to cancel Isidingo after 21 years on the air. Isidingo’s Twitter account announced that they’ve already shot the last episodes which will air on 12 March 2020. Hopefully, Isidingo’s producers pitch the show to DSTV or Netflix and it can continue in some way. SABC didn’t

Isidingo Spoilers and Speculation for October 2015

Charlie and Calvin are barely a couple and trouble is already brewing for them – in the form of Skhu’s sister, Aphiwe! And poor Sechaba has some trouble ahead of him.  He should’ve known to not mess with the Zamdelas! Here are the October 2015 spoilers for Isidingo: Barker lets Katlego’s secret slip Lincoln knows

Last week on Isidingo 11/09/2015

Last week on Isidingo  Lerato took Zukisa shopping for something pretty.  Zuki returned home with sexy underwear which she put on for her husband. Sizwe wasn’t in the least impressed and insulted her.  That man! I would think most men would appreciate it if their wives tried to look attractive for them. But not Sizwe

Last week on Isidingo 04/09/2015

Last week on Isidingo Pastor Gabriel gave the Zondiles R10000 for all they have done for the church. Mainly it was just to keep them on his side while he connives with Barker Hayes and Nina Zamdela. Zukisa was all for accepting the money,  but Sizwe stood firm.  As the man of the house his

Last week on Isidingo 28/08/2015

Last week the noose starting tightening around Pastor Gabriel’s neck on Isidingo.  Seemed like everyone was on his case! First Nina was upset that he was not being supportive enough of her business interests.  Barker Haines wanted his money laundered through the church bank account…like yesterday! And he was upset that the money was put

Pastor Gabriel and Zukiswa Kiss on Isidingo

OMW! This has to go down as one of the most uncomfortable kisses I’ve seen on soapies in a long time, if not EVER.  And usually I like two unlikely characters to get together.  But seeing Pastor Gabriel kissing Zukiswa was almost like seeing a Rottweiler sniffing around a Chichauhau. You want to look away!

Spoilers and Speculation for Isidingo – September 2015

Please note these are Isidingo early spoilers for September 2015.  More spoilers will be added as they become available. Angelique digs into the Sibekos past She considers leaving Horizon Deep, but Barker makes her an offer and she stays Sizwe suspects Pastor Gabriel is seeing his wife He starts spying on the pastor and Zukiswa Nina

Last week on Isidingo 14/08/2015

Last week Barker Haines gave pastor Gabriel a whole briefcase full of money to launder through the church accounts.  But first the not so good pastor had to get control of the church’s bank accounts and finances. How Barker laundered the money before is a whole other story. The one church elder remaining wasn’t being

Last week on Isidingo 07/08/2015

Last week Calvin signed the papers to get his father, Frank’s, body released for cremation. On the day he wanted to leave Samantha asked him to be a part of a tribute show for Frank.  A few clips of the newsman’s past history as a tv reporter was shown and then someone named Jim Jacobs

Frank Xaviers Women Through the Years on Isidingo

When Frank Xavier (Kevin Smith) was shot a while ago, he had three of the women who were in his life right there, outside the hospital room.  Dr Beth McNamara, Nikiwe Sibeko and newest woman Angelique Scott. Before them there were Priya and Lolly and Natasha… Frank Xavier arrived in Horizon Deep in 2005 when