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So I’ve stopped watching #7delaan and here’s why

To be fair, I’ve stopped watching 7de Laan lots of times in the past. Sometimes for a few weeks. Sometimes for a few months. I may even have stopped watching 7de Laan for a few years at some point. There’ve been many reasons why I stopped watching the show. Storylines or life. At some point,

Shawn and Emile Kiss on #7deLaan and I couldn’t be happier!

We’ve been teased enough times with gay relationships on 7de Laan, but tonight they took it up a level when Shawn and Emile shared a sweet but passionate kiss. I really couldn’t be happier! Both Shawn and Emile had huge issues and prejudices to overcome. Both were rejected by family members because they’re gay. Although

The Affairs of 7de laan through the years – Updated

Whenever there’s a hint of an affair on 7de Laan, viewers go into meltdown and long for the good old wholesome days of 7de Laan. Well, there was never such a thing. There’s always been that soapie staple of cheating and deception. Nostalgia makes some people only remember the days of Bart and Clara and

7de Laan Chat

While I haven’t been blogging about 7de Laan, I have been watching at least a few times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes fewer episodes, depending on the drama or if 7de Laan trended on Twitter. I always watch on VIU though. 7de Laan broadcast it’s 5000th episode during the 1st week of January. I was

7de Laan’s First Big Gay Storyline is Worth the Wait

For years many 7de Laan viewers, especially on Twitter, complained about 7de Laan’s lack of a gay storyline. There’ve been a few gay characters like Jerome and a few others who passed through Hillside with just a hint of their sexuality and a kiss between a random gay couple once. Of course, there was the

Reandi Grey and Esti Fouche says Goodbye to 7de Laan

Reandi Grey, in her own words, said goodbye to the cast, crew, and fans of 7de Laan in a sweet post on Instagram. By the looks of it, she’s retired the character of Esti Fouche, unless 7de Laan decides to recast the role. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Reandi grey (@cheerfullygrey)

The Heights Blows UP – 7de Laan Recap of Sorts

I’ve recently written a post about how much I actually like 7de laan these days, which in the era of hating everything, I know is a bit of a rarity. However, nothing good and positive lasts a lifetime. I must admit that I do not like disaster storylines. I barely even like disaster movies. So

Can Justin Really be De Wet’s biological Son? #7deLaan

So recently 7de Laan hit us and Justin with the bombshell that De Wet Basson aka Ben Cronje, Sandra Stutterheim’s former henchman, is his biological father. I seriously loved the reveal and laughed with delight. Not so much the fact that Justin is now all of a sudden De Wet’s biological son, but just the