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While I haven’t been blogging about 7de Laan, I have been watching at least a few times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes fewer episodes, depending on the drama or if 7de Laan trended on Twitter. I always watch on VIU though.

7de Laan broadcast it’s 5000th episode during the 1st week of January. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get a few old cast members starring, but COVID-19 probably put a stop to any thought of that. It was kind of good seeing the likes of Marko and Vanessa, etc., reminiscing about the good old days in Hillside. I could even imagine little Vanessa running around Oppiekoffie, although we met her as a grumpy teenager with a handsome boyfriend, Aubrey. What struck me the most about the episode was how much fresher the new theme song is compared to the old one.

It was good to see Ty again. I don’t normally miss the old cast when they leave, but it’s always nice to see them once in a while. I always loved Ty and Gita’s little games, trying to outdo each. I don’t think this current 7de Laan has a place for those shenanigans again. We already have our hands full with De Wet Basson and Mariaan and Chris Welman. Not forgetting the beautiful but devious Lesedi Moloi.

Speaking of Chris Welman 🤢, I was so very disappointed to see his other children turn up at the Welman house. Argh! I was hoping Belgium was his new home and we’d only see him once in a while. But now it looks like his here to say! Why, oh, why! I don’t see how those children are going to fit in any better than De Wet’s daughters. But worst of all, Chris Welman is a boring character. What stories are still left to be told with him? None that I’m interested in.

The same with Vince Meintjies for me. I was really, really, really hoping that Jacques Blignaut had got a role on another soapie/drama on SABC or DSTV But no, Vince is now seemingly going to become a TV/social media chef. Vince is another one whose story has been told. (Update: Turns out Jacques Blignaut has a new role on SABC3’s new soapie, The Estate, so there’s still hope for Vince’s departure from the Laan). Same as Marko. I could easily leave Gabby and/or Tjattas and never think of them again. I never warmed to either character, to be fair.

I do like the newish cast members Shady and Ludo. Shady has that Paula je ne sais quoi. The screen literally lights up when she’s on it. I mean, she’s even made Romeo spark a tiny bit. I feel a bit bad for Khethiwe, since she’s had a crush on Romeo since forever. And she and Romeo had chemistry when they had their fake dates. But I’m rooting for Shady, just like I always rooted for Paula.

The new guy, Denzil, is also a welcome addition to the cast. He’s easy on the eye and could make things interesting amongst the 35+ ladies. And with his mysterious entrance, looks like he might even have a few skeletons in his closet. But I hope he’s a nice guy. We already have enough male villains in the Laan.

Marvin and Ivy and the twins (even Romeo), are the people we need during these COVID-19 times. It was heartwarming to see them get a house and move from the squatter camp, and it was just as delightful to see them make their house a home as the gifts rolled in. More good, heartfelt stories are always welcome, not only during a pandemic, 7de Laan writers.

I don’t yet know how I feel about 7de laan only being on three days a week from 1 April 2021. On the one hand, I seldom watch three episodes a week, unless there’s an interesting story going. On the other hand, we might lose our soapie if numbers start decreasing. But then again, it might force the writers to tell fewer stories, but with more intensity.

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