Smanga and Namhla’s paths cross on Generations Legacy (spoiler)


Namhla started her  new internship at Ezweni on Friday 26 June 2015.

On her first day she arrived late due to an accident on the road and gets a welcome committee. They think she’s a model for the Scarlet lingerie fashion show! And Namhla thinks it’s part of her job.

And guess who is impressed with her – even though she is shy and uncomfortable? No one other than Generations the Legacy’s Mr Christian Grey himself, Smanga! He wants her to be part of the campaign permanently.


Namhla and the Diale family received a visit for Smanga after the fashion show where he asked her mother if she would be allowed to model the lingerie. While Lucy was excited and saw Rand signs, uncle Cosmo wasn’t as convinced.




Namhla is of course excited about her new gig seeing how it will secure her future and make her dream to study programming at varsity next year come true. On 3 July she has a photoshoot that includes Thabi.




With campaign manager Smanga looking on giving his 2 cents worth.  And he is not impressed.



Thabi tries to be supportive and protective of Namhla, but then Smanga threw her and the photographer out of the studio and continued taking photos of Namhla himself.

Thabi_1 The more upset and humiliated Namhla gets, the more Smanga enjoys himself.  This is just what he is into. Power over another human being!  Although he stops himself from letting it go further.




At his insistence, Namhla tells Mawzi about his brother’s behaviour.  And now Mawzi knows – he has the photos and knowledge of his brother’s fetish.

As read is TV Plus 24 June 2015.


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