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06/11/2020 7de laan announced two new characters on their Instagram page, “Beàta Bena Green,” Kim of Arendsvlei, “will portray Shady, Bonita’s vivacious niece and Rubin Wissing will play Ludo- the charming ladies’ man.” They’re due on our screens from 9 November. It’s going to be interesting to see Bonita’s family in the Laan. Welcome to the Laan Beàta and Rubin!

29/10/2020 Dann-Jacques Mouton who plays Justin Booysens is leaving 7de Laan. The good thing is that 7de Laan -most of the time – find good replacements. On the other hand, 7de Laan is losing one of its most eligible bachelors who is also one of their best actors and my favourite current 7de Laan character. I look forward to Dann-Jacques next project even if I’ll miss Justin.

12/10/2020 Looks like Reandi Grey has permanently left 7de Laan. Her name is no longer in the end credits. Esti is in a care home in an unresponsive state for 6 months. Reandi Grey is in Mnet’s new telenovela, The Legacy, fortunately for fans of beautiful Reandi.

11/10/2020 Danielle Retief (Nikki Basson) has quietly left 7de laan. Nikki suddenly decided that she couldn’t be on the same continent as her father and left within a day. Her name was removed from the end credits.

25/06/2020 Jack Devnarain, Isidingo’s Rajesh Kumar, made his debut appearance on 7de Laan tonight as Dr Patel. At least Dr Patel won’t turn into another Gloria or Evelina or Thandeka. It’s not known if it’s a long-term role or just story-related.

15.06.2020 Markus Haywood (Willem Spies) is, by the looks of things, leaving 7de Laan. While there’s not yet been a formal announcement, the signs are there. Willem losing The Heights after being scammed by his horrible uncle, Chris Welman and some dodgy decisions of his own. (BTW. I’m 100% sure that deal is illegal in real life.) And Felicity returning with Willem’s son in tow. The biggest sign that Willem is leaving 7de Laan though is a post that Markus Haywood put up on his Instagram page five weeks ago – which works with the fact that 7de Laan is shot months in advance.



Nadia Herbst, Olivia, is leaving 7de laan. I’m not sure if this is good or bad news as Olivia has been through a lot in her short time on 7de laan.


Nazli George and Duncan Johnson will be appearing in 7de laan from 25 December 2019.

Theodore Jantjies, Xander Meintjies, will be leaving 7de Laan on 14 January 2020. I’ve never been a fan of the Meintjies, especially after Xander Meintjies cheated on his then girlfriend Fecility, to marry her best friend Vanessa. I held that grudge a lot longer than Felicity did 😉.

Theodore made Xander a character that was well-loved by many (other) fans. However, Xander has been very much in the background recently. It feels like his story has been told and it’s the right time to move on.

Good luck to Theo Jantjies. Hopefully, he gets the opportunity to build many more characters on other shows.


Vinette Ebrahim is leaving 7de laan on 24 October 2019, the soapie announced today.  Vinette played the role of Charmaine Meintjies for 19 years and that of her evil twin sister Vivian for about 4 years. I’m going to miss Vivian 😉 but mostly Vinette. So that will leave Ingrid Paulus as the last remaining original cast member. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, life goes on. And this blog as always encouraged renewal on 7de laan because we can only grow if we’re prepared to change. It is still a huge loss for viewers to lose two of the original cast Annelisa Weiland and Vinette Ebrahim in one go. But they are wished only good roles and happiness for the future.

Annelisa Weiland is leaving 7de laan in September 2019. She’s moving to the Cape to appear on DSTV shows, including Suidoostser in November.


Amor Vittone will be making her appearance in 7de laan soon. She has already started filming. She’ll be playing a nosy family member of one of the characters… maybe Mariaan Welman’s sister? (just a guess, not a spoiler)

Returning to 7de laan October 2016

Some good news on the 7de laan  casting front, Connie van de Leq, Paula’s cousin is returning to the Laan. Quinne Browne Huffman will reprise her role as Connie. This should be interesting because Connie has been gone for more than a decade already, there’s hardly anyone to come back to in 7de laan, it would have been great had she arrived just before Paula left. But it’s still very good news to have her back.

Latest departures 17/07/2016

The sad news is that one of my favourites, Felicity (Melanie du Bois), is leaving 7de Laan. 

Three more actors are leaving Hillside. Kim (Corné Crous) and Pulane’s (Masego Sehoole) contracts will not be renewed. Anelisa Phewa who plays Sifiso has resigned and will start work as a lecturer at AFDA – school for film and drama studies in Johannesburg.


New arrivals in 7de laan

After all the departures, we’re getting some new blood in 7de laan in the form of a new family in June 2016! Yayyy!

It’s the Welman family and the dad Chris, is played by David Rees (Nick Naude from Egoli!) and Deirdre Wolhunter (also from Egoli amongst other shows) who plays the mother Mariaan.

The daughter Alexa is a doctor and is played by Carina Nel (Isabel in Generations – wasn’t she MJ’s girlfriend?)

The son Rikus is played by André Lotter (Liam in Villa Rosa) and the younger daughter Amorey is play by Kristen Raath.

This should be very exciting, 7de laan really needs new blood!


Actors leaving 7de laan

Jo da Silva is leaving 7de Laan at the end of May! Another big character will be leaving the soapie! Gita will still be around Hillside until August, but will still be seen from time to time on a less permanent basis. Jo is moving to Cape Town ( shouldn’t the entire production just move, seeing everyone is moving down south? 😉 ) To be honest, as much as I love Gita and Jo, Gita’s stories have all been told to death. Best wishes to Jo da Silva. I hope she finds many roles in Cape Town.

Diaan Lawrenson (Paula van de Lecq de Bruyn) is leaving 7de laan as a permanent cast member to focus on her family, studies and a new career as a lecturer at a film school. Paula will appear from time to time, so she probably won’t have a last air date, but disappear little by little from our screens.

As usual, I am always happy to see our actors and actresses from 7de laan spread their wings. And wish Diaan happiness in her new endeavors.

Hopefully Paula will move to Cape Town to be with Altus and sort Kristin out 😉

Wilhelm van der Walt, Ty, is the latest 7de laaner to leave. My heart! My favourite character of them all on 7de laan. He is said to be moving to Cape Town to be with his girlfriend who acts in Suidooster. And to work down here in the Cape. Looks like Ty is going to pay for the murder of Louis and Herman.

Good luck to Wilhelm! And may Ty get what’s coming to him!

Werner Coetser, Bernard, is leaving 7de laan (Noooooooooo!!!!!!!). According to TvPlus the actor is off to Kyknet’s Getroud met Rugby. At least he will still be on screen for those with DSTV. Good luck to Werner, I’m sad to see handsome, sweet Bernard leave but also happy Werner gets to try something new 🙂 Bernard is leaving 7de laan at the end of February 2016. His last air date is in April 2016.

Hanli Rolfes, Anna, is also leaving 7de laan in February 2016. Can’t say I’ll be shedding any tears for Anna though.

Heino Schmitt, Altus de Bruyn, is leaving 7delaan on 18 February 2016. Could Kristin have anything to do with Altus’ departure? I always admire actors who try to do something other than stick around for the soapie regular paycheck. Good luck to Heino.

Deon Coetzee (Herman Croukamp), Tessa Holloway (Sonja)  and Lesley van Wyk (Louis Spies) are also leaving 7de laan – according to the Huisgenoot of 15 October, Louis and Herman are going to be in a car accident and at least one of them are not going to make it out alive. Rumour has it Louis is going to die on 7de laan.

We will see Herman on our screens for the last time on 23 October.  Apparently both actors chose not to renew their contracts according to Netwerk 24 and TV Plus. Arghhh no and I liked Lesley van Wyk as Louis and loved Tessa Holloway as Sonja!!!! Herman and his drama queen behaviour, not so much.

Kaz McFadden, Dewald, is also leaving 7de laan by end October. I won’t be crying any tears over this one…or maybe one or two tears of joy.

There are rumours that Kim, Corne Crous, is also leaving 7de laan.  However she is due to go to New York for two months which will likely be written into the story.

There were some rumours of Theo Jantjies also leaving, but 7de laan denied this on their Facebook page on 9 September.  Xander is probably going somewhere to find himself while the actor takes time off to do another project.

The next actor to leave 7de laan is Zane Meas who’s leaving at the end of August. Read spoilers about when and how he leaves here.

A new Afrikaans soapie called Suidooster is starting on Mnet in November, could some of these actors be going there?  Apparently it’s going to at 6.30pm directly opposite 7de laan. They haven’t yet named their cast, but it wouldn’t be suprising if a few Hillsiders end up there.

Looks like 7de laan is changing in more ways than we’ve already seen!  A few people are coming and going in the next few months and according to netwerk24.com, a few more contracts might not be renewed come August 2015.  Who that might be I can’t even guess. But please just keep Ty, whatever you do, 7de laan! Pretty please!

Actors Arriving in 7de laan

What we do know is that Paul du Toit – who played Malan on Binnelanders –  is making his way to Hillside and should be on screens on September 2015. Paul du Toit will be playing Franko Brakel, a physiotherapist, on 7de laan.


Geewhizz some good looking men are arriving in Hillside these days.

Mari van Heerden joins 7de laan as Tumi, a waitress in Oppiekoffie.

Brandon Auret – Doep in Isidingo – will arriving in 7de in December
Loriska Bubb – Kristin – will be making another visit to Hillside. Can she be back with a baby? We’ll have to wait and see.


Neville Meintjies looks to be dying again…this time for good! That’s according to netwerk.24.com. Zane Meas is taking up other business opportunities. Neville has come and gone so often that we’re used to it by now.  I will miss his presence though – especially interacting with his granddaughter and with his Hillside Times staff.

Expect Petro (Carla van der Merwe) back in Hillside in the next few weeks. And Nadia (Simone Nortmann) is leaving 7de laan, but will be returning again for future visits to Hillside.  Her last episode is expected to be on 7 August 2015. Read more about why and what Simone will be doing next on the Sarie website.

Ntabi (Salamina Mosese) left on 13 July to run her own newspaper in Bloemfontein.  I can’t say I will miss Ntabi on my screen at all. But the beautiful Salamina is another story. She brought us an educated, strong woman who knew what she wanted – except when it came to men.  I like Salamina and hope she does well in whatever else she does – actually I have a feeling she’s good at whatever she sets her mind to.


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