Danelle, Ryno and Lindile also leaving 7de laan

Read more here about the actors leaving 7de laan.

According to TVPlus the actors who play Danelle (Andrea Streso), Ryno (Chris Vorster) and Lindile (Musa Ngema) are all leaving 7de laan.

Lindile has probably been the most boring character in the history of boring characters on 7de Laan so I have very little doubt that he won’t be missed. Last night we saw Lindile angrily talking to someone on the phone after being off screen since who knows when. Apparently it has something to do with drugs.
Apparently Musa has already left the 7de Laan studios to Generations which starts on 1 December 2014. I’m sure the actor wants to be able to show his acting skills – he certainly hasn’t had the chance at 7de laan. Read about Lindile’s 7de laan ending here

Ryno hasn’t had a proper storyline since that doctor Lynette stole organs or whatever she did. Although poor Ryno’s story was done when Isabelle left the Laan. He has pretty much been filler material since then. The writers tried, but how many more times could he get married? I will definitely miss Ryno – the most grown up person on 7 de laan. The actor Chris Vorster and his family are reportedly moving to Bloemfontein where Chris received a teaching post at the University of Free State. Ryno’s exit date has not yet been decided. Read about the loves of Ryno’s life over the years.

Danelle’s portrayer, Andrea Streso, is off to complete her university studies and practicals. She will be leaving towards the end of January, with her final air date sometime in February 2015 (TVPlus). While Danelle is very popular, she also had no real story since being paired with Bernard. I’m sure the actress would have liked to be able to do some actual acting rather than waitressing. It’s admirable that she has ambition other than serving coffee and organising get togethers on a soapie.

Read about Danelle’s last day here, Bernard’s proposal here and her memorial service here

Emma, Bertha le Roux, has her last air date on 12 December hopefully to prison! Emma, not Bertha 😉


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