Siya and Angela Kiss on #generationslegacy

So has Siya (Kabelo Moalusi) finally met his match? It seems like it for now. Jonathan isn’t happy that his playboy friend and his sweet, innocent sister are getting together though.

And there is the small matter of Siya having kissed Karabo while declaring his feelings for her not even two weeks ago. What if Angela or Tau finds out? And you know they probably will.


For now Angela and Siya are into each other and all started with the R10 bet between Siya and Jonathan.

When Angela found out about the bet from Karabo, she immediately set her revenge in action. By spending more time with Siya doing girly things.

He was game and went along with everything in the hope of winning the bet.

But when Angela started asking personal questions – conveniently the questions it takes to have two people fall in love – you knew these two were on the road to romance.

Siya suggested they go to a salsa club and the two danced and then kissed.



Afterwards Angela ran away.

The next morning she was furious and told Karabo she should never have played games with Siya. Later she told Getty and Simphiwe she has feelings for Siya.

At the anti-baby shower party for Mary, Siya arrived. He publicly answered some of Angela’s questions.


He asked her if they had a chance…


And then when it looked like she was still upset Siya was on his way out the door when Angela called him back.

Then she kissed him.



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