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Last week on Generations the Legacy 3/07/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Gadaffi found out that Tau was indirectly responsible for him being in a wheelchair. And Gadaffi felt so, so sorry for himself. Read more here. Namhla was humiliated by Smanga – read more here. Angela tried to be the perfect girlfriend and Karabo seeked the company of a man

Last Week on Generations the Legacy 12/06/2015

Smanga came into his own last week on Generations the Legacy. He went from all business to all pleasure once Thabi got a hold of him. Read more about how Smanga and Thabi played 50 Shades here. The battle between the non-blood brothers Tau and Kumkani heated up when spoilt brat Angela couldn’t get her way.

Angela and Siya Make up on Generations the Legacy

After finding out from Nolwazi that Siya still had an online dating profile with a picture updated a week ago, Angela was hurt and angry. She soon confronted him.  First he said the profile was an old one and then he said they weren’t together at a week ago  when Angela brought up the updated picture.

Siya and Angela Kiss on #generationslegacy

So has Siya (Kabelo Moalusi) finally met his match? It seems like it for now. Jonathan isn’t happy that his playboy friend and his sweet, innocent sister are getting together though. And there is the small matter of Siya having kissed Karabo while declaring his feelings for her not even two weeks ago. What if

Siya, WTF! #generationslegacy

So after a few weeks of trying to get Angela to fall for him, Siya (Kabelo Moalusi) kissed aunty Karabo and admitted having feelings for her. WTF is wrong with that man??? Arghhh are we again having to be subjected to every man in Karabo’s orbit falling for her? No man, Generations Legacy! Just no!

Generations Legacy has Some Talent, hey!

Okay, as I’ve mentioned before, I was not happy with the way things ended with the actors of the old Generations. They deserved every cent they earned and much more. I still hope they get compensated for loss of income. With that said… I’m slowly but surely getting hooked on Generations Legacy and it’s mostly