A Look Back at last week’s #7delaan 03/04/2015


This past week on 7de laan was a bit less annoying than the week before. Although again not much happened. 

1. I really liked when Felicity stood in Ryno’s house on Friday looking overwhelmed. It was the first sense of 7de laan history we got in a long time.

Here was the poor girl who worked as a shop assistant, with dreams of becoming a designer and who Charmaine took in years ago. And now she is a prospective owner (with her husband) of a home that once belonged to the untouchable Ter’blanche family.

She actually mentioned Madel and Jan-Hendrik too. And Herman spoke of when Christel was step-mom to little Nadia.

2. Ryno leaving without that annoying Lynette! Imagine having to actually live with someone who seldom tells the truth and never takes responsibility for anything. Not to mention her constant screeching and crying.

3. Sonja! is such a breath of fresh air! And having her and Nadia together on screen is even better. I always enjoy seeing Sonja’s mother. I hope Sonja gets a love interest soon. I wouldn’t mind seeing her and Wian with Bernard. Although what Linda would say about the skandaal…

4. Next to no sign of the fighting couples Paula and Altus and Vince and Bonita.

5. The scene with Xander mediating between the warring Hilda and Oubaas and Maria was funny. Fortunately we had little of the slipper nonsense this past week

1. Sifiso and Pulane are so, so beyond ridiculous. Pulane comes from a background where she had very little and was responsible for her younger brother. She arrived in 7de laan unable to read! Now she is this shallow, greedy person with no redeeming qualities. And Sifiso is just unlikeable. Who cares if they break up or make up?

2. Same with Ntabi and Dali and their battle of the sexes. Who cares! Ntabi is a beautiful, intelligent woman who wastes her time playing games with an unattractive jerk like Dali. Yeah…who wants to watch that?

3. Any sighting of Kim is an utter downer. With or without Diederik.

4. Lynette. OMW! That woman is the pits! She tells lies all the time. She pitches up everywhere crying and begging to be understood for her most recent set if lies.

Give us the strong woman who took charge and almost saved the day during the hostage situation.

1. Ryno eventually left 7de laan. It felt like forever – like he would never leave. Eventually he said his final goodbyes and departed to Boggomsbaai to finish his book.

2. Marko and Anna had a moment. I don’t even know what to say about that. They just look as mismatched as he and Emma did.

Agree, diagree? Vent in the comments below.

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