7de Laan Spoilers: March 2011

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Tuesday 1 March 2011
Episode 2427

Sanjay makes a date with Valerie but it is obvious that he still feels something for Felicity. Ryno wonders about Isabelle.

San-Mari gets worked up when Paula and Aggie are in cahoots. The Meintjies family fights about Vince and Bonita. Gita makes a decision.

Wednesday 2 March 2011
Episode 2428

Vince lands a catering contract and wants Bonita to do the flowers. Altus and Pieter meet Justine, but something worries Altus about her.

Ryno asks Isabelle about Beverly Downing. How will Felicity react when Valerie tells her how Sanjay feels?

Thursday 3 March 2011
Episode 2429

How will Felicity react when Sanjay pleads with her? San-Mari is planning a series of articles to minimise Paula’s chances.

Xander must borrow money when Vanessa asks him something. How will Isabelle stop Ryno when he wants to phone Helena?

Friday 4 March 2011
Episode 2430

Zinzi is San-Mari’s guinea pig for her fitness program. Paula makes a plan when she hears Sanjay is gone.

Bonita is tense about the dinner at Vanessa’s … how will it go?

Justine tells Pieter it is better not to have Altus at their meetings.


Monday 7 March 2011
Episode 2431

Ryno confronts Isabelle with her lies … but will she tell the truth? San-Mari is upset when she hears who is working for the Hillside Times.

Pieter is excited about the future of his career. Ryno is digging deeper in Isabelle’s lies – will he find out more?

Tuesday 8 March 2011
Episode 2432

The guys create problems at T&T. How will Altus react when he hears that Justine doesn’t think he is necessary?

Annelie and San-Mari see a new male challenge.

Paula asks everyone for help with her research – but will she get any? Ryno puts two-and-two together.

Wednesday 9 March 2011
Episode 2433

Isabelle flees from Ryno. Lukas is worried about his future at T&T and makes a decision.

Clara gets an envelope from Maria for the ironing. Ryno gets his hands on Isabelle’s phone.

Thursday 10 March 2011
Episode 2434

Paula is frustrated when she tries to get tips for her column. Ryno confronts Tim about Isabelle.

Not everyone is as excited about the flower shop as Vince is. Pieter gets good news.

What will Isabelle do if Ryno can’t forgive her?

Friday 11 March 2011
Episode 2435

Isabelle makes a decision about her work. Vanessa wonders if Ryno is so upset because of Dawid Greef and Emma is furious.

Paula’s column is not going in the right direction.

Natalie can’t make her and Errol’s date and Charmaine has a suggestion.

How will Justine react when Pieter pushes her for a contract?


Monday 14 March 2011
Episode 2436

Errol finds out how Charmaine feels about Natalie. Felicity is scared Isabelle does something irresponsible.

How far will Bonita open up to Charmaine? Lukas’ finances are in ruins, but will he realise he needs to make a plan?

Tuesday 15 March 2011
Episode 2437

How will Isabelle and Ryno react when they see each other? Bonita’s flowers are stored in Vince’s fridge.

Altus is not impressed when he hears Pieter doesn’t have a contract.

Paula asks Maria a favour and Clara wins Maria at her own game.

Wednesday 16 March 2011
Episode 2438

Vince and Bonita make a shocking discovery. Will Pieter be happy with his contract?

Diederik is worried about his job when he hears it is almost time for Alyce to come back. Errol wins Natalie’s heart.

Xander makes a shocking discovery about Bonita.

Thursday 17 March 2011
Episode 2439

What will Neville think about Paula’s article? Vince insists on going ahead with the freezer. Xander enquires about Bonita.

Errol buys something special for Natalie but she doesn’t react the way he hoped. Justine pushes Pieter to sign the contract.

Friday 18 March 2011
Episode 2440

Hilda changes her mind about the Gerber-wedding when Matrone does something. Pieter and Altus have an argument.

Lukas is excited about a job prospect. Natalie gives Errol shocking news.


Monday 21 March 2011
Episode 2441

Emma dodges when Hilda asks about Dawid. Matrone is worried that Hilda’s dishes for the Gerber-wedding might be a triumph.

Paula must write her own articles without Maria’s help. Maria sees something between Bonita and another man.

Tuesday 22 March 2011
Episode 2442

The Gerber-wedding’s guest list gets longer. Bonita tries to stop additional costs to the freezer.

Altus breaks news about Alyce. San-Mari and Annelie argue about a hunk.

Will Bonita agree to have dinner with Neville and Charmaine?

Wednesday 23 March 2011
Episode 2443

Errol is confused about the gift from Natalie. Pieter gets a call from the gallery where his paintings hang and he signs a contract without reading it.

How will Hilda react when she finds out that Oubaas and Matrone discussed her?

Thursday 24 March 2011
Episode 2444

Things are crazy in the deli with Hilda’s catering. Neville confronts Bonita and asks why she doesn’t want to have dinner with them.

Ryno makes it clear that there is no chance for reconciliation between him and Isabelle.

Vince is in shock when he finds out what Bonita has done.

Friday 25 March 2011
Episode 2445

Bernard wonders if another guy is in the picture and that leads to a fist fight. Matrone has a plan to take over the catering, but Diederik puts a stop to it.

Emma phones Dawid to hear when he is coming back.


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