7 Wishes for 7 de Laan in 2013

The 7de Laan cast and crew are back at work today after their year end holiday break. And what with last year being a bit on the dreary side, I decided to offer some unsolicited advice to the writers to get some of us to start watching regularly again. Both Generations and Isidingo was far, far superior to 7de Laan in 2012 and at the start of 2013.

The best thing about 2012 was moving Paula and Altus forward, but the Neville death/witness protection/Charmaine grieving story was the absolute worst.

7de Laan writers, cast and crew – A very happy 2013 to you but…

1. Please writers, NO more sad stories for Charmaine.  NO Alcoholism stories either – not for her or anyone else in the Laan.  Charmaine is best when she is drinking a hannepootjie after work with the older members of the cast and being a mother-figure to the younger ones.  Rather than what we got, a more realistic sense of loss over her partner’s death  over a period of time is in order.  See point 3 below.

2. Paula is my favourite character in the Laan by the proverbial mile, but let Paula van der Lecq de Bruyn please grow up!  She’s married and going to be a mother.  Enough of her carrying on like a spoiled child.  She can still be her fabulous self without carrying on over every small thing. Leave the drama to someone else for a while and let Paula and Altus enjoy themselves for a while.

3. In actual fact, let all the characters show some growth.  It’s ridiculous how year in and year out, it’s the same old story with them. Even after some traumatic events, marriages and divorces.  Ryno is a prime example.  He never spares a thought for any of his dead or former wives, just moves on with the next woman without trying to gain an insight.

And you would never say Xander and Vince lost their father so very recently – there is no sense of loss. No wanting to call their father to discuss something, forgetting that he’s no longer there. No nothing from anyone really. Other than that silliness with Charmaine.

4. Please let Felicity wear braids or her natural hair.  That wig is terrible and makes her look unnatural.  On that same note, whoever put that current wig on Vanessa’s head, deserves some sort of award.  It’s her best wig EVER.

5. I’m begging you on this one. No more Matrone and Hilda fights/competitions.  It got old years ago and now I just don’t tune them out.

6. Gita is a super-bitch like Isidingo’s Cherel.  Stop making her into a wimp after every one of her evil deeds to garner sympathy for her .  A phone call from Tim is all that is needed to remind the viewers that Gita is already paying a high price for her evil behaviour, with the loss of her daughter.

7. No more fashion shows, dance competitions or any other competitions that includes the whole cast.  I tune out for each and everyone of those.

I know 7de Laan is supposed to be a lot more light-hearted than the other SA soapies, but seriously, there’s just so much of the same thing that I’m prepared to watch.



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