7de Laan Spoilers October 2011

3 – 7 Oct
Herman receives upsetting news about the tracksuit order, Hilda plans to spoil Matrone’s wedding cake triumph and the friends organise bachelor/ette parties for Vince and Bonita.

It’s Vince and Bonita’s big day. Which family members – if any – will rock up at the wedding?

Bonita dissolves into tears at Oubaas’ suggestion about her wedding day, Hilda and Maria surprise guests at the reception and will Herman find out more about the tracksuit order?

Kabelo allows a golden opportunity to slip through his fingers; Herman and Felicity face a crisis with their business and will Xander and Vanessa’s row over Vince and Bonita’s wedding damage their marriage?

Paula is impressed with a man she meets at the launch, Rick’s condition is diagnosed and Kabelo invites Zinzi to dinner to share important news with her.

Xander’s attitude irks more than one family member. What will Vince do with the surprise cheque that he receives and How will Rick react when Emma visits him in prison?

10 -14 Oct

Paula’s interview with the man she met at the launch doesn’t go according to plan, Aggie receives an important jewellery order and Xander gains ground in Rick’s defence case.

Oubaas is shocked by ‘n murder story in the morning newspaper and Herman and Felicity come up with a plan to solve the tracksuit crisis.

Kabelo meets his new agent, but isn’t completely honest with Zinzi about it, Aggie is given the chance to design Susan’s wedding jewellery on her own and Isabelle recognises Susan’s fiancé.

Does Xander have a strong enough case to get Rick a reduced sentence and will Emma agree to testify in Rick’s case?

Zinzi doesn’t like the fact that Kabelo’s agent is ‘n beautiful young woman, Charmaine feels guilty about the whole Vince and Bonita situation and rumours are rife that a serial killer is on the loose in the area.

Judgement is handed down in Rick’s case and is Lebohang only interested in Kabelo’s music career or does she have ulterior motives?

17 – 21 Oct

Everyone is jittery about the serial killer and Oubaas improves safety measures at the Heights.

Paula upsets Emma in her attempt to compete with Sanjay in getting a cover story, Kabelo gets a makeover and Vince and Bonita are back from honeymoon.

Aggie enters her jewellery designs in a competition, San-Mari warns Kabelo not to play with Zinzi’s feelings and Aggie finds out more about Rick’s past.

Oubaas suspects who the serial killer might be, Kabelo’s music career gets a big boost and Isabelle ends up in tears after a clash with Roux.

Oubaas’ shocking suspicions about the serial killer deepens and he concocts a plan to lure him into a trap.

Kabelo is issued two ultimatums, Aggie is puzzled when Roux cancels Susan’s jewellery order and Isabelle tells Felicity a secret about Roux.

Paula plans a makeover for Bonita and Oubaas and Hilda sets a trap for the serial killer.

Susan finds out about Rick’s past, Kabelo makes an important decision and Zinzi catches him in an awkward situation.

An award is offered for information that can lead to the arrest of the serial killer, Charmaine is worried about Xander’s behaviour and Lukas is hurt when he discovers what Hilda and Oubaas really think about him.

The tension builds between Roux, Susan and Isabelle, Lebogang forces Kabelo to make a difficult decision and Neville confronts Xander about his attitude towards Vanessa.

Lebogang’s conduct causes Kabelo to doubt whether he’s making the right decision, Lukas gets the opportunity of a lifetime and the dilemma that Roux, Susan and Isabelle face, takes a dramatic turn.

Kabelo and Zinzi’s relationship reaches a turning point, Paula’s attempt to give Bonita a makeover doesn’t go according to plan and Ryno’s book is finally launched.

Bonita shows off her new look, Lukas makes an important decision and Herman hints at marriage.

A farewell party is held for both Lukas and Kabelo, San-Mari has her eye on Kabelo’s job and Felicity agrees to marry Herman.


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