A Look Back at Last Week on #7delaan

After 3 months of non stop drama on 7de laan, this last week was a bit slow. But we can’t expect people to die, get sent to jail, have affairs or get swindled every day, right?

I’ve once again been able to do other things with 7de laan on in the background. The way I like it.

There wasn’t much of Paula and Altus and their carrying on. Or I tuned them out.

Anna! The new journalist arrived in all her glory, making herself right at home at her new job with the Hillside Times. At first she was a bit grating, but things improved once she actually started working.

She took no nonsense from anyone and so far is a breath of fresh air. Compared to most of the other nosy, whining women in 7de laan.

Lynette’s story got interesting right in the last few minutes on Friday. Her “relationship” with Ryno is snooze-inducing! I normally tune them out. But when Ryno went to prison to interview a man involved in an infamous love triangle, and that man said Lynette was his ex-wife…well at last I developed a bit if interest in the boring Dr Lynette’s past.
Sorry, but Ryno literally and figuratively sucks the life out of the women he gets involved with. No wonder most of them are dead!

Ty! Seeing him wheeling and dealing again…Ty is always a highlight.

Any sight of Dali makes me look away from the TV to tune him out. I can’t stand him! (There were much, much better ex-Generations actors who would’ve been easier on the eyes and ears than this actor.) And him, Ntabi and Kim together makes me look for the remote control to mute them and tune them out completely. They are so, so annoying. Individually and together.

Ntabi was so much better when she was a friend to Paula, just listening to her when she was upset. Or when she is being supportive to her colleagues. We have enough over the top, attention-seeking women who all behave the same way – I’m talking to you Kim, Paula, Hilda, Matrone and Pulane – to have Ntabi turn into another one.

If Ntabi is supposed to be the new leading lady – as she seems to be – the writers can at least make her different from the other women. No over the top behaviour…PLEASE! Tone her down again.

The slippers story. I can’t say exactly what’s happening here. I just know its bad.

Bonita and Vince. OMW! Are the 7de laan writers crazy, lazy? Or forgetful? They’ve bashed us viewers over the head time and time again over the last 6 MONTHS with these two! No break from one or the other or both’s nagging, whining, complaining. STOP IT! writers. Stop it now!

As for the rest, not much is going on that I recall. Other than Bernard’s complete recovery after is fiancé’s sudden death. No one wants to see soapie characters grieving forever but can’t Bernard at least once in a while say something to give an indication that his life is no longer the way it was? Anything. Something.

The one very, very scary moment…when my head shot up – was when Marko said Emma thinks she’s coming out of prison soon. Fortunately he followed it up quickly by saying she’ll be there for many years to come. Sjoe! That was a bit too close for comfort.

So that was how I saw last week’s 7de laan. Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

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