Is this 7de Laan or is it Bad Girls or Prison Break???

I meant to stream a few episodes of 7de Laan on YouTube a few weeks ago when I heard Tony was back. It didn’t happen. Last Saturday I had an hour or two (procrastinating) and caught up with a week’s worth of 7de Laan. I had no idea what was going on in the Laan before hitting play on YouTube. Much to my surprise – seemingly – half of the cast was in prison, including my favourite 7de Laan character, Vivian!! Bonita was acting crazier that Vivian! Turns out it was all Vivian’s doing, having lied to Bonita by telling her Daniel was dead.

I started with the last episode first – or the one where Amanda and Justin’s baby, Jasmine, had died. Emma was all but running the prison, Vivian was screeching for someone called Lippies(?).

I’d seen enough to want to see more although I’m really not into prison series at all. I’ve seen one of two episodes of Bad Girls and Prison Break, but that’s about it. And I’m pretty sure I won’t be tuning in for too much more prison episodes. However, 7de Laan moved along at a nice pace with scenes from other characters.

Personally, I liked the scenes with Fikani and Alexa and also the little crush Nozi has on Fikani. I just hope it stays a crush though. It’s nice to see Fikani as a doctor rather than a businessman.

I still loathe all things Meintjies, except for Karmen and Vivian. The rest of them all still annoy me. I hope 7de laan writers see that putting Vanessa and Xander back together will just lead to boredom again. They’re much better suited apart and one or the other trying to reconcile. I hate to say it, but Charmaine is right about this. Plus, they were both quite rude to each other while married. They’re only nice now that they’re apart. Anyway, I’ll never tune in for the Meintjies, so whatever happens to them won’t bother me.

  • The Welman’s, as far as I can see, are still as dramatic as I remember them to be. The parents, that is. The children are still annoying. Except for Alexa when she’s in doctor-mode with Dr Fikani.
  • Vivian is still the best thing that ever happened to 7de Laan. Best character. It still surprises me, seeing how much I’ve loathed Charmaine from pretty much day one. Vivian’s chemistry with Bonita is great. Those have levels of crazy going on.
  • Emma is just about tolerable in prison.
  • It was actually nice seeing Natalie again. She seems to have found her level in prison – that is if she survived being shot by the prison security guards.
  • It was like the old days seeing the Oppiekoffie waiters teasing each other.



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