7de Laan Favourites Poll 2018

I have been catching up on 7de Laan on YouTube over the last few weeks and I must admit 7de Laan has improved a lot over the last year. There are quite a few more likable characters now. I remember not so long ago, they pretty much all annoyed me. Maybe it’s the break I took, but I could have made the lists of favourite 7de laan characters a lot longer.

My favourite character at the moment is… drum roll! Mariaan. Regular readers of this blog (when it was still very active!) will know that I like strong female characters that have a bit of saltiness. I didn’t always like Mariaan, but she’s grown on me especially with Chris Welman out of the picture. What a boring character that was. He would definitely go on the boring list. Mm, maybe I should make a boring list in the next poll.

Even the couples are not annoying – for the most part. I think my favourites are Marko and Esti. They’re both mature (most of the time) and well-suited. My least favourite is Aggie and Vince. They’re the very opposite of Marko and Esti. Not well-suited at all IMO. The fact that Aggie supposedly sleeps over at Vince’s place makes me think they literally just sleep. I can’t imagine that there’s anything sexual between those two.

My favourite male character would be Willem if the 7de Laan writers actually wrote him a story and gave him a shave and a haircut. But since they haven’t, I like Fikani. I hope somehow 7de Laan writers write a romance for him and Alexa without actually making them a couple. See Connie and Andre for couples who start out well and then just become blah. Both Connie and Andre would go on my boring list as well.

I’m really interested to see who you choose as your favourites. No doubt it’ll be different from mine!

Happy 2019 everyone!

Who is your favourite 7de Laan character?

Who is your favourite 7de Laan couple?

Who is your favourite female 7de Laan character?

Who is your favourite male 7de Laan character?

Which former character do you miss the most?

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