Last week on 7de laan 04/12/2015

I have (mostly) been watching 7de laan over the last weeks, but unfortunately just haven’t had the time to blog about it. Plus nothing very dramatic happened!

That being said, I found it interesting enough – a lot of the time.

Surprisingly the Meintjies saga (and I hate all of the Meintjies’ – okay maybe not hate and maybe not Karmen) wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I actually found myself on team Vince being an eldest child too 😉 And Xander has just been miserable in general. But to carry on over a watch like that!

You would think if the watch was that important and valuable, Neville would’ve stipulated in his will what had to happen to it. And if he didn’t surely it should’ve gone to his wife, Charmaine?

Vanessa sold the watch and split the money between the half-brothers. But the two were still far from satisfied. It actually put a strain on Xander and Vanessa’s marriage.

And Xander making editorial decisions at the Hillside Times (while still running his legal practice) is equally as ridiculous as Vince, Charmaine and Errol giving their two cents worth. None of them have the education or experience to do so. Why not hire someone who is?

Giving Bernard the blame for an article that was printed, but not researched nor fact checked was a sign that the Times is run by inexperienced idiots! Bernard was the Times photographer until this year for heaven’s sake!

The Times staff have been getting alot of storylines lately. Aggie’s and Anna’s love lives were given quite a bit of airtime.

Mercifully, it looks like Marko and Anna are over! I do hope both get more suitable love interests! And Anna gets a bit less screen time! Maybe that might make it to my 7 wishes for 7de laan in 2016 😉

Aggie’s relationship with Themba is also over. Thank goodness. I absolutely hate that 7de laan decided to bring in Themba just for the 16 Days of Activism campaign. Viewers are not idiots, we can see from a mile away when we’re being played for fools. Leave the campaigns to other soapies, 7de laan. And just tell us stories.

Aggie inviting that abusive man into her office again and then slapping him was everything you would advise a woman NOT to do!!! That’s how women get killed by their ex partners!

Kim and her flatmate stories just bore the hell out of me. Kim bores me to death. I pretty much ignored the snake and flatmate because I guess this is the ‘7de laan type of humourous story’ that I always avoid.

Diederik seems to have transferred R250 000 to a client who has now gone missing! Who in their right mind gives an employee that much power? Especially to someone like Diederik who doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together? Altus must take responsibility for this stupidity.

Pulane is jealous of Sifiso’s friendship with his childhood friend and threw a few tantrums – one in front of a client and the other in front of Sifiso’s colleagues. Pulane seriously needs to grow up! Her relationship with Sifiso is anyway one fight after another – without many signs of love or romance in between. Pretty much like most of 7de laan’s romantic relationships.

My favourite storyline currently though is what’s going on with Gita and Ty! OMW! I love Ty! Although I wish he stop goading his aunty. It’s like poking a snake! You know he’s going to get bitten. He did get The Heights out of the deal though.  But the price might be his life!

I do love Gita when she’s on the backfoot though. She isn’t half as annoying as when she’s putting on her villainess act with evil grins to match.

It looks as if Willem is also in on the act. He might have had something to do with having Ty and Gita mugged inside her house. And Ty is being poisoned. But I doubt Willem would poison him? Wouldn’t he rather poison Gita?

Now Felicity is also throwing accussations Ty and Gita’s way.

Backing Gita into a corner is never a good idea.  People of 7de laan, you’ve been warned!


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