7de Laan Chat: Last week’s shows

Why oh why did Neville Meintjies not first break up with Felicity before declaring his love to Charmaine?

Typical male!

Anyway, even as a non Charmaine/Neville fan I was quite touched by their reunion.  They do seem to belong together – until Neville has to jet off to somewhere (to do a play in Cape Town!)

But I also can see why his previous marriage failed.  With Neville it’s his way or the high way.

Charmaine meanwhile has confided in Isabelle. 

Shame, doesn’t that put Isabelle in a bad spot?  What does one do, do you tell your friend (in who’s house you live!) that her boyfriend is in love with someone else?

In the end Felicity will be less two friends – Isabelle and Charmaine.  Ooops I forgot this is 7de Laan where no one stays cross forever – even when Felicity got pregnant from Vanessa’s boyfriend Aubrey or when Vanessa started dating Felicity’s boyfriend Zander.

Herman has now turned up at T&T and given new contracts to Lukas and San Marie.  That should stop their nagging for a while.  Even with his new shaved face, Deon Coetzee still looks like his been through the mill and back.  Gone is the sweet face of previous soaps.

Looks like they’re pairing him up with Emma.  As long as they keep Emma entertained, it’s okay.

Oubaas and his spinnekop vrou, Hilda won a trip to Russia.  There were some crazy moments with them wanting to pack winter clothes forgetting it’s the northern hemisphere summer.  Luckily they realised just in time!

Linda is being nice to Gita as usual, but she better watch out, ’cause that snake will bite her before she knows it.  Why on earth does Gita not just move on – she is coming across and desperate and pathetic – and this for a man who cheated on his wife with her…and then dumped her.

Vince’s love story…arghhhhh boring!

They’re setting up sooooo sugary – in this day and age how many people actually give two hoots who people date?

Helena, Bertus, Zander and Vanessa — all I hear is blah blah blah when they speak!


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