7de Laan – Emma and Herman

7de Laan has been pretty nasty recently – especially with Gita and Tim bringing the mood down severely with their torrid affair.

Seeing Linda so distraught has not been fun.

Add to that Felicity’s mugging and shooting and Neville and Charmaine playing the victim. It’s bad enough having to endure Felicity’s frustration of not being able to do things (natural probably in the 3D world), but still having to put up with Neville and Charmaine’s angst about not being together, is too much.

Firstly, Neville and Charmaine should have told Felicity immediately that they were together. Felicity and Neville have a friendship and not a love relationship.

Secondly how does all this help Felicity? She has friends and seeing how successful her fashion shows normally are, probably enough money to hire a nurse.

Then of course there’s that darn ghost! Arghhhhhhh grrrrrrrrrr the less said, the better!

Alica and Mandla? Why oh why does Alice play games – it’s never worked.

The only bright spark right now is Emma and Herman’s romance.

They are so sweet together and it’s nice to see Emma get a proper romance, without drama – so far.

She looks gorgeous (despite some of her outfits) and natural with Herman – unlike in previous romances.

Long may Emma and Herman be together – although this is the soapie world where drama is sure to follow.

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