Altus and Kristin Kiss! Arggghhhh 7de laan

So it happened. Tonight! Arghhh

Altus walked into the office where Kristin was sitting and flirting with someone’s voice mail. He got jealous of the voice mail and when the person called back walked up to Kristin, put down the phone and told her to stop playing games and then kissed her.


I had to use all my self-control to not write “kissed the bitch”!

It was so sickening! And regardless what happens from here on in, Altus is ruined as a character.

And then he made matters worse by arriving late at the Boekwinkel relaunch and shamelessly lied to Paula about his reason for being late.


Paula didn’t look as if she was buying his story because while he was still pouring wine, she left.

Paula has never been a fool. But Altus sure is!

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