Day 1 of the 12 Days Countdown to #EmmaTrial Verdict 7de laan

Last Thursday Emma had her first day in court and pleaded not guilty to the premeditated murder of Rick. Three quarters of all Hillside residents pitched up in court to support their friend and neighbour. Hilda even pitched with a picnic basket with Dadel Fingers.



Everyone was a bit surprised that Emma plead not guilty because she actually shot Rick, but it was explained that she only said she was not guilty of premeditated murder.


Today though marks 12 days before Bertha le Roux (Emma) says goodbye to her time on 7de laan, which is of course also Emma’s last day.

Day 1:

Two witnesses were called by the prosecutor – one of Emma’s ex-husbands, Ryno and also her colleague Aggie.

Ryno testified that in 2007 he and Emma were married for two years and divorced when that one of his students terrorised her with themes from fairy tales. Driving her first to an institution and then to Spain where she went to write a book.

It was kind of nice to be reminded of that time, because I only watched bits of 7de laan back then.

Next Aggie came on and testified about Emma showing her that she had a gun in case Rick again tried to attack her and Thinus.



Both witnesses testimony looked pretty bad for Emma –  (1) she is emotionally unstable and (2) she kept a gun especially on account of Rick. Xander did not even cross-examine any of the two witnesses.

It’s starting to look like Emma will be going to jail!

Which made me wonder how it is that former book nerd Emma attracted all these stalkers and bad guys.

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